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  1. Powerful story! Enjoyed it immensely, didn’t want it to end! Especially loved Olivia’s courageous stand against all those KKK guys — she told them off real good! You’re really talented, Diane! I look forward to reading more of your work.


    • Thank you! I really appreciate it. There are a bunch of stories on the site which might entertain you. You know, if you do a “follow” (I don’t know how) you’d get an email when something new goes up. That might be helpful. :-)


  2. I loved this new addition. You have painted pictures in my mind and I saw everything as I read the words! I’m sure Camellia and Opal are going to have adventures! ❤️


  3. Hello, Diane. I read both “Opal” and “Warren County Days” in less than a week since I couldn’t put them down. Both of these books were such a wonderful reading experience. The stories and character development are awesome and the writing style and the pictures which your words paint are all just excellent. I read a lot of books and so have a vast comparative catalogue in my mind, and all or any part(s) of these stories would make wonderful movies or even a TV series. Craig Brewer comes to mind. Thank you, Mike, for getting these books into my hands. Write some more books, Diane!!!! I am now one of your very enthusiastic fans!!


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