Opal at Novel Bookstore

My book, Opal, is now available in the local author section of Novel Bookstore, the reincarnation of Booksellers at Laurelwood. Pretty excited about it. The section is located immediately to the left when you enter the front door, and the store is at 387 Perkins Extd, just north of Poplar. Check out their great new restaurant, Libro, too, after you’ve completed your book shopping.

Help Name the Opal Story

I’m working on the Opal sequel, and I want your help. Here’s a synopsis (though I’m not through) of what happens in the story. Although middle-aged Opal Pratt has lived on that property all her life and her parents were there for some years before that, Opal has now learned that the front part of the property does not belong to her. And she’s not happy. She watches the land being cleared, a house larger and nicer than hers going up, and driveways being paved.
What shall we name the story? The working title is Land Lost, but that’s no good for a real title. Neighbors came to mind, but that’s too friendly. Changes might be a decent title. What do you think we should call it? Leave me a comment with your ideas.


Opal on Sale

Thank you, amazon! Both the soft cover and hard cover editions of Opal are on sale. If you’re planning to give any Opals as Christmas gifts, now is the time to purchase them. I love a good sale!


Memphis Book Signing

This Saturday, the 29th, I’ll be doing a book signing for Opal from noon – 2 p.m.at the South Main Book Juggler in Memphis. The book store is located at 548 S. Main, just two doors down from the famous Arcade restaurant. Books will be available for purchase at the reading/signing, but, if you can’t get there, Opal is still available on amazon.com.


Approved – MS Book Festival

IT’s OFFICIAL!! I’ve been accepted as one of the more than sixty authors and artists to display our work at the annual Mississippi Book Festival in August on the grounds and surrounding area of the state capitol in Jackson, MS. In addition to our area, there’s a section for book sellers and another for children’s books. Inside the capitol will be individual speakers and a variety of panels. Publishers’ reps will also be circulating. This is the third year of the “literary lawn party” which last year drew 6,500 guests. I am so honored that my application passed muster. If you’re in the area, come see me.