Reader Review – Warren County

I was so thrilled to receive this from a reader who had just finished Warren County Days.

“Some stories caused me to laugh out loud.
Some surprised me with a different ending
than I had anticipated.
Some were upsetting.
Some brought back memories of my living
with my grand mother & great grand
parents in a community much like
Some were so “country-fiftyish”, I wonder
if the younger readers will believe life
was truly that laid back.

I found the collection heart warming.
Thank you for your work and persistence to bring these stories to life. Now they have become part of my life.

I am going to reread Opal, I’m not ready to say goodbye to her, or her friends.

New Way to Buy These Books

Until Amazon gets its issues straightened out, you can purchase both Opal and Warren County Days directly from me. Contact me at to place your order. We’ll make this work.

Opal paperback – $10
Opal hard cover – $18
Warren County Days paperback – $12
Warren County Days hard cover – $22

Book Signing Saturday in Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro! Going “back home” Saturday (Dec. 21st) to do a book signing for my new book, Warren County Days – Short Stories of Opal Pratt. We’ll be at The Edge Coffee House & Eatery, 1900 Aggie Rd. Starting at 2 p.m., we’ll be in the upstairs and ready to chat about all things Opal. Yes, we will have books. If you’re in the neighborhood, come visit and bring a friend. Looking forward to seeing everybody!