The Bus Station

First published in Belle Reve Literary Journal

She raced up the back stairs to their second story apartment. It was Friday and Talent Roundup Day on the Mickey Mouse Club. She ran home from school every day for her favorite television show. Friday’s show was her very favorite, but she jerked to a stop on the landing that held the entry to their place. The door was open. No one should be there. Mama was at work. She couldn’t move, didn’t know what to do. And then, through the screen door, she saw mama breeze into the kitchen.

“Baby, why are you just standing there? Come inside.”

“Are you sure? Is there a criminal with a gun in there making you act like everything’s okay so I’ll come in and be captured, too?”

“Good gosh, Zuzu. Get in here. Where did you get that imagination? Never mind. I know.”

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