Book Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the story ‘The Ravine’ from my newest book, Our Mothers and Daughters. It starts like this —


The windshield wipers slapped at the downpour, but couldn’t poke a hole in the curtain of water. Clare leaned forward, straining to see the difference between the center line and the shoulder. They were on their way home from the lake house, driving on a worn, two-lane highway. Clare’s back cramped from the strain.

“Are we all right? Can I turn on the radio?” asked seven-year-old Ivy.

            “Shh, don’t talk now.”

            “But, I’m tired of this.” Seven had become a whiney year for Ivy.

            “Quiet! Not now.”

            The car began to shimmy, then fishtail. The tires hydroplaned, and the car headed for the shoulder where it took flight.

            Clare cried out, “No, no, no, no.”

            Ivy screamed.             It only took seconds before the car tilted to its right. It slammed onto the downside of the hill, and made a complete three-sixty rollover. Once again right side up, it slid scarily down the embankment. If Clare had been able to listen, she’d have heard the sounds of underbrush and small trees banging against and under the lurching vehicle. Twenty feet down from the highway, the car slammed against a tree large enough to stop it.”

hmmm — What might happen next? My books are available online at

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